Touch Screen Balance LTB-A101

Touch Screen Balance LTB-A101 has modern design and advance features simplify even the most complex measurement.

Weighing Range 100g
Reading Accuracy 0.1mg
Repeatability 0.2mg
Linearity 0.2mg
Pan Diameter 90mm
Interface USB, RS232
Calibration Internally or Externally(C type is internally calibration,B type is external calibration)
Screen Touch Screen
Windshield Standard support
Power AC 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz

• Revolutionary touch screen user interface
• Use of Software application program helps to increase efficiency
• Ensure durable and reliable performance due to rugged weigh cell
• Practical and sturdy draft shield
• Data can be transferred in easy and convenient way
• Wireless and automated calibration

It is extensively used for basic weighing, counting weighing, percent weighing, check weighing, animal weighing, target weighing and weighing difference.