Low Speed Tabletop Centrifuge LHC-E101

This centrifuge provide remarkable capacity in a compact design with a smart, simple interface and the flexibility to support numerous applications.

Max. Speed 5000rpm
Max. Capacity 4x250ml
Max. RCF 4800xg
Control and Drive system Frequency motor, Micro control, Direct drive
Timing range 0~99h59min
Noise ≤65dB
Power supply AC220V,50Hz
Power consumption 500W
External size(WxDxH) 600x540x360mm
Packing size(WxDxH) 700x581x475mm
Gross weight 52kg
Net weight 37kg
Accessories Angle Rotor, Swing Bucket Rotor, Microplate

• Controlled brushless motor with variable frequency
• Touch keyboard and LCD screen with elevated display panel
• Set and run in RCF, with special intelligent control panel
• With complete steel structure and a stainless steel chamber
• Motor gate lock mute mechanical and electrical integration
• 10 brake speed setting to ensure the sample a better separation
• 20 program memory can be stored

It is used for the measurement and analysis of virus, cell culture, and blood component or in the medical laboratory.