Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge LRC-C101

This low speed centrifuge is intelligent refrigerated instrument for the analysis of medical. The machine adopts microcomputer control, brushless motors, stainless steel inner chamber and TFT true colour display. Faults are diagnosed automatically.

Max. Speed 6500rpm
Max. Capacity 4×300ml
Max. RCF 4800xg
Speed Accuracy ±50rpm
Control and Drive system Frequency motor, Micro control, Direct drive
Temperature range (-)20~40℃
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Timing range 0~99h59min
Refrigeration system Import Fluoride-free compressor and control valve
Noise ≤65dB
Power supply AC220V, 50Hz
Power consumption 1.8kW
External size(WxDxH) 630x760x400mm
Packing size(WxDxH) 830x950x600mm
Gross weight 135kg
Net weight 110kg
Accessories Angle Rotor, Swing Bucket Rotor, Microplate

• TFT true colour touch monitor display, intelligent easy control
• Automatically record the operational parameters, can be directly started by RCF
• Operation procedures can be programmed 20 sets with self-defining modes for the user
• Use brushless motor with high torque and variable frequency, with special combination of shock absorbers
• Motor gate lock mute mechanical and electrical integration
• With complete steel structure and a stainless steel chamber
• 10 levels for speed up/down control

It is used for the measurement and analysis of virus, cell culture, blood component in the laboratory.