Cryostat LCT-A102

The cryostat have thermostatic bath. Constant temperature test can be carried out in that thermostatic bath. It also can be connected with other equipment through the tube, which can be formed a complete set and then used as constant temperature source such as rotatory evaporator electrophoresis appearance, viscometer, medical cold hat, decreasing temperature blanket and so on, or can be applied for other equipment such as electron microscope, molecular pump, ion pump, diffusion pump, microwave remedial machine and so on.

Temperature range -10°C to 100°C
Cubage capacity 15L
Resolution ratio 0.1
Fluctuating degree 0.05°C
Power supply voltage AC220V/ 50Hz
Power 2.5W
Capacity of pump 4-10L/min optional
Product dimension (L×W×D) 290×270×220mm
Overall dimension (L×W×H) 480×370×810mm
Net weight 40kg
Gross weight 35kg
Gap Size (L×W) 235×160mm

• Low liquid level monitoring protecting is provided, when the liquid level in the tank is gradually decreased because of medium volatilization or outer circulating pump pipe cracked for aging or some other reasons, the low liquid protector equipment will cut off the electric heating up of system, and set out the alarm sound in the meantime, in this way it can make sure the safety of apparatus and samples
• Temperature measured value and temperature setting value can be displayed separately on the LED double window
• Controlling system has the function of ultra-high temperature protection, sensor abnormity protection; while the refrigeration system has the function of excessive heating and over-current automatism protection
• According to the big space refrigerating theory, the completely improved evaporator is adopted, temperature can be decreased more rapidly and the temperature attend equilibrium
• Professional electro circuit with PID output which is totally newly designed, and the temperature controlling is prices
• Inner wall and table-board are made of stainless steel, hence easy to clean and sanitation
• It is corrosion resistance
• Use of environmentally friendly CFR-free refrigeration cooling airflow

It is widely used in the field such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine, biochemical engineering, Physical performance testing and chemical analyzing in the researching department, altitude academy, factory laboratory and metering quality inspection.