Crude Oil-Water Centrifuge LOI-A100

LOI-A100 is an equipment particularly used for water test and separation of sediment content present in crude oil and deliver accurate result.

Max. Speed 5000rpm
Max. Capacity 4x100ml
Max. RCF 4500xg
Speed Accuracy ±30rpm
Temperature range 10~80℃
Temperature accuracy ±2℃
Timing range 0~99min59s
Accessories Swing Rotor

• DC brushless motor with microprocessor control and free maintenance
• Designed with stainless steel chamber and has auto-electric lid lock
• Loaded with inching, short-spin and memory flashing function
• LED display: speed, time, RCF, conversion of RPM/RCF
• Alarm protection over speed , imbalance, lid open, and abnormal rotor mounting

It is commonly used in oil industry and research institute for separation of crude oil content from debris and ideal for water test.